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I am a director, writer and producer based in Germany.

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Making Short Films (Part 1)

overcoming all obstacles – Pre-Production

Ideas. Every endeavor starts out with a simple notion that eventually turns into an idea. However, no one will ever appreciate your idea when you’re not able to communicate it properly. In terms of filmmaking, the medium of choice is a script. A script comprises all the necessary descriptions and dialogue to effectively communicate your vision to someone who doesn’t even know you. Therefore, it becomes the basis for all future developments. This blog post will focus on the development of short films, and further investigates why finishing a film is easier than conceiving one.

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Telltale Games - The Walking Dead

Why Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” is a masterclass in interactive storytelling

An emotional game experience

I rarely come across a video game that offers such a memorable and emotional experience like Telltale Games’ unique adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s beloved comic book franchise. The Walking Dead is a pop culture phenomenon and the five-episode game clearly leaves its mark.

In The Walking Dead, the player takes control over Lee who is a convicted felon being transferred to prison for murder. Just as he thought his day couldn’t get any worse, he suddenly finds himself in a car accident. As he barely regains conscience, he is attacked by the very police officer that should transfer him to jail. The problem is that the latter is already dead. What sounds like the classic horror / survival story turns into an emotional experience as soon as you meet Clementine, an eight-year old girl that hides out in her tree house, waiting for her parents to come back from their vacation while the world around her is slowly falling apart.

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A New Beginning

An endeavor that shall last

You might wonder why the first blog post is entitled “a NEW beginning,” when this is clearly the first time tobylinden.com has seen the light of day. Well, in the recent years I have tried to setup and maintain several websites that dealt with things like filmmaking, movies, and other things. The problem has always been the “maintain” part. Writing is a painstaking and often tedious task that requires a high level of self-discipline. There is an old saying that is known amongst writers and perfectly sums up the dilemma:

I hate to write, but love to have written.

From my personal experience I gather that human beings can be considered rather lazy. A simple example: someone presents you with a story idea. That someone wrote a 3-page treatment, but also prepared a 5 minute trailer that sums up the story. If you had to choose between those two options, would you decide to read 3 pages of text or simply watch the trailer? Right. I knew you would choose option B. Now, you are aware of the reason why it is so fu**ing (sorry for the profanity, but it’s still my blog) hard to maintain a website.

If my memory serves me right, this is now the third attempt to start a blog, magazine or website. But, you know the saying. All good things come in threes. Therefore, I will try to remain disciplined and write every two days. Really, every two days? Given my current occupation this will be hard, but hopefully worth it nonetheless.

I hope you will follow my journey through the world of storytelling. Feel free to comment, like, share, tweet, pin as much as you like. See you around!

- Toby